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At Kingdom Business Journal our original idea was to publish a monthly journal with articles, information, and helpful hints and tips. We decided that monthly was not going to be as effective because it would not give our readers fresh information but once per month. We have decided to change our format to a weekly journal. We will be putting out our journal every Tuesday morning. We know that Monday’s are crazy and that most people are inundated with e-mails and getting caught up from the weekend. So I encourage you to start your Tuesday morning with our weekly journal.

What is going to be in the journal? Each month we will be having a theme, but each week will flow within that theme. For April our theme is, “Business in tough times”.  In our April 15, 2008 edition (TAX DAY) we will be addressing several topics such as : The economic Roller Coaster– tips for the ride during rough times,  Faithfulness = Contentment = Blessings – how our faith and contentment can lead to blessings during rough times,  Marketing in the Driveway – marketing tips during tough times, The Joseph Project – by KBJ, and Leadership.

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Lowell Lane Editor KBJ