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Welcome back to the KBJ.  We are so excited to announce our May Tele-Seminars. 

If you have not attended any of our Tele-Seminars I encourage you to get signed up NOW!  We have some dynamic speakers coming up and you will not want to miss them. 

Click HERE  for these FREE Tele-Seminars.  

Be Blessed,

Lowell Lane


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   May 2008

FREE Teleseminar Ken Hebden – Personal Finance and Budgeting

May 01, 2008 Mr. Hebden is a retired financial planner. He also is a facilitator for Crown Financial and Financial Peace University. Mr. Hebden brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Come Join us, and bring your personal financial questions. http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/

FREE Tele-Seminar Michael Vaughn – Business Finance and Budgeting

May 06, 2008 Micheal is a Financial Advisor and helps business owners on a daily basis. Michael will be talking about Business finances and was to use finances to bless the Kingdom. http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/

FREE Tele-Seminar KBJ Panel Discussion – Joseph Project

May 08, 2008 The KBJ Staff will be conducting a round table discussion in order to answer the questions many of you have been submiting. We will be covering all 6 ares of the Joseph Project; Leadership & Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance & Budgeting, Serving, and Ministry Opportunities.You won’t want to miss this! http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/

FREE Tele-Seminar Kevin McCarthy – Serving

May 13, 2008 Kevin McCarthy is author of The On-Purpose Person and On-Purpose Business. Mr. McCarthy brings years of practicle experience and will help you Make Your Life Make Sense.  http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/

FREE Tele-Seminar John Garfield – Marketplace Ministry

May 15, 2008 John Garfield is bi-vocational. An engineer for 30 years and a pastor for 15 years. He has a passion and a wealth of practical insight for releasing the ministry of Kings in the Marketplace. http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/

FREE Tele-Seminar Dan Miller- Marketplace Ministry

May 20, 2008 Dan Miller is the author of the best-selling 48 days to the Work You Love book, workbook, and audio program. As a life coach, he has guided people through the anguish of unexpected change to the exhilaration of meaningful work and increased time and financial freedom. Dan Miller has also authored a new book called No More Monday’s.  http://kingdombusinessjournal.net/v/