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Filler up please, and could you check the oil?  When was the last time you pulled to the pump and a nice smiling face greeted you and asked if you would like it filled today?  Jerry Reither has been asking that with a smile the last, almost 50 years. 

In 1959 Jerry Reither started working Part-time at the local gas station at 10th and Garrison in Carthage, Missouri.  In 1962, after graduation, Jerry started working Full-time at the station.  In 1964 Jeryy bought the station and stayed at the location at 10th and Garrison for 15 years.  In 1979 Jerry moved to his current location at 4th and Garrison. 

Jerry still pumps the gas, washes the windshield, checks the oil, checks the tire pressure, and charges .20 more per gallon.  So why does he have business, RELATIONSHIPS.  Jerry has served some of his clients the whole time he has been in business.  Some of his clients parents and grandparents where his customers.  This type of CUSTOMER SERVICE is what brings them back.  Jerry goes the extra mile and serves the customer as he always has, and it is his choice.  He could charge less for the gas, let you pump it, and try to compete with the big guys, but GAS that is NOT what he is selling.

About 95% of Jerry’s customers are women.  They come to Jerry because of the relationships and knowing that someone still cares enough to take care of them.  Jerry also has about 30 commercial accounts, many of which have done business with Jerry for years. 

In 2009, Jerry will celebrate 50 Years of Customer Service. 


 Lowell Lane