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I hope you enjoyed the first Tele-Seminar about Leadership from Rich Forster.  We have another Tele-seminar from Larry Ingracia.  Larry is a cabinet importer and runs a company in Springfield, Mo. I believe you are in for a real treat.

Click HERE to listen.

  Next time, we will feature a local success coach, Randy Mayes talking about Leadership.  Randy Mayes – The Success Coach Network 

FACT 1: He is a very successful business coach/trainer…


FACT 2: He is a small business owner…

         FACT 3: He has been in management and ownership roles
     over 20 years…               

     FACT 4: He currently teaches at the Missouri State University
     Business Center


     FACT 5: He teaches small business leadership and management
     courses, as well as, individual success coaching.


     FACT 6: He’s is currently training to run in a Marathon, too! 🙂


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