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Do you have a website, blog, or newsletter?  Who is your target?

As we have been going down this road of a new website, blog, and newsletter I have found that our target market is, “LIKE MINDED BUSINESS PEOPLE”.

What does that mean?

If you can figure out who your target market is and what they want, then your can generate the kind of content that will keep them coming back.

Headline, Teaser, Good Ad copy !


Do your headlines get the readers attention?  Often If your headline does not get there attention, you won’t get a click.  When you are listing a anything on the Internet you have about 3 seconds to get the viewers attention.   

Again, it must be something that gets your target markets attention and makes them want to find out more.


Teaser is a short interest creating comment, question, or statement.  They clicked because your headline got there attention, now make them want to read more.

Good ad copy.

I often thought that short and sweet was the ticket.  WRONG!!

If you have identified your target market and are providing valuable content, then NOW is the time to sell them.  If they have come this far, then they are interested and you  have a captive audience. Good Ad copy is your selling presentation.  Your selling presentation should include; stating your case with facts, creating a need, solving a need, and providing a solution,  NOW (call to action).

At the Kingdom Business Journal we are commited to providing you with valuable information that is biblically based and practical.  In that light, as I promised we have another Tele-Seminar for you.

Selling! We have done polls and hands down, every time, Sells is the number one topic.  Today we start our selling Tele-Seminar with Tom Forster.  Tom is a salesperson, previous business owner, and if you did not catch the name, Rich Forster’s brother.  This is a great Tele-Seminar with valuable content and worth the time for you to listen to. 

Click HERE.

Have a blessed day!

Lowell Lane