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My wife and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on May 24, 2008.  We had a nice day going to some shops we don’t normally go to and eating at a wonderful tea room.  I am not one for the Fru Fru stuff and fancy decor.  I loved Maggie Mae’s.

Maggie Mae’s is located in Miller, Mo., about 20 minutes east of Carthage, Mo. where I live.  Miller is about 800 folks, mainly a farming community.  Stay tuned I have a full article coming on our website about this place, but I just want to hit the highlights.  This business was started from a passion of decorating.  She started with a plant and ceramic shop, then fresh flowers, gifts, restaurant, and now a bed and breakfast.  As she says, “In a small town you have to do what you can to attract business”.

She found her passion, stepped out, started a small business, and now 30 years later has been very blessed.

Marsha Hill - owner

Marsha Hill – Owner of Maggie Mae’s

Are you working a Job or are you operating in your passion? 

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