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“When you own a business, It owns you”!

I heard my dad say this once when I was little.  We grew up in a family business.  My grandfather had a complete automotive repair center and did everything from auto mechanics, auto body, frame straightening, alignments, radiators, and he had 40 wreckers.  My dad worked for Grandpa for years and assumed that one day he would take over the business. WRONG!  Grandpa came in one day and announced on a Friday that the new owner would be in on Monday; THAT IS ANOTHER STORY!

My dad started his own business of the same kind, on a much smaller scale.  We built a shop and even built our own wrecker.  It was fun growing up riding in a wrecker.  Unfortunately, my dad was always working.  We had a contract with the sheriff’s department and were on call 24 hours a day.  He was always working or sleeping.  I now have my own businesses and I can relate.  I spend a lot of hours working on the website, blog, we are also in the middle of a Internet marketing promotion,  or I am working on my other business.  It is a lot of work! 

Earlier today my eldest daughter sat on my lap and put her arm around me and asked, “Can you not work Saturday and just spend the day playing with us”? It really made me stop and think! Am I following in my dads footsteps?