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Be On-Purpose

One of my favorite books is called, “The On-Purpose Person” written by Kevin McCarthy.

This little book is only 144 pages, but it is awesome. 

What is being On-Purpose?

Being On-Purpose shows you how to discover and accomplish what’s most important to you!

I first found this little book in 2003. This books helps you address the major areas of your life. In this book Kevin has you do a tournament worksheet for each area of your life such as Spiritual, Family, Vocation, Finances, and so on. 

In 2003 my # 1 priority was my relationship with God. My goal was to have a A.M. and P.M. prayer and study time.  My # 2 goal was to be my own boss and start a business. My # 3 goal was to be debt free by 2007. My # 4 goal was to work my little farm and have a garden.  The list went covered 10 areas. 

Here is the really neat part! In 2006 I found my notes and re-did my tournaments. It was interesting to see how life had changed.  My # 1 goal was still to have A.M. and P.M. prayer and study time.  My #  2 goal was to lose weight (My original # 2 goal of starting my own business became a reality in August of 2004) by diet and exercise.  My # 3 goal was to have family reading time before the kids went to bed. My # 4 goal was to improve my business by creating new streams on income when the weather was bad. I had a business working outside.

When you can plan on paper what is important to you and your family, have a plan to make it happen, and then be able to look back and see that it happened.


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I was so impressed by this book and the author that we recently had a Tele-Seminar with Kevin McCarthy on the topic of Service.  It was a great interview and would be well worth your time to listen to it.

Lowell Lane