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Do you want to learn some great marketing techniques? 

My friend David Tinney is an awesome marketer!

Let me share just a bit from his website home page.

Where do we start? Either you have a business and are wanting to leg up on the ladder or, you’re sick and tired of working for someone else and you think you want to start your own business. I think I’m on target, right?

Let’s get something straight. This website is not the usual, run-of-the-mill business site, regurgitating what another ‘guru’ has served up on their site. No, this is my original, gritty, gutsy and unorthodox information how I’ve found success in the real world.

What you need is practical information how to make some progress in the business world, information you can put to work today. Not theory……theory doesn’t put checks in the bank!

David is a successful businessman, author, website marketer, and missionary.  Here is his bio.

From the time I was seven years old, my father was in business for himself. So I grew up in an atmosphere of entrepreneurism. It was my dream as a boy to own my own business like my dad.

After high school, my dad employed me in his oil distributorship. I watched first hand how to take care of and treat customers that caused them to keep coming back. Dad sold the business a few years later, went into semi-retirement for a few years and went on to start three more successful businesses.

Looking for a better paying job, I went into route sales for a regional dairy. Boy, was that an experience! I spent sixteen years in that industry and received a double practical arts degree in customer satisfaction and how to get along with upper management. I wasn’t in the top ten percent of the class, but I learned lessons in business life in the most practical ways I’ve never forgotten.

Still inside of me, though, was the desire to own my own business, to live the American dream and be the captain of the ship of my financial destiny.

In 1991, dad and I together started my first business, a travel agency with a niche selling wholesale airline tickets. We enjoyed double digit growth the entire decade. However, by the late nineties, the travel industry was changing, mainly because of the gross mismanagement by the major airlines and it was getting more difficult to turn the kind of profit we had in the early nineties. Then 9/11 came along and nearly knocked us out cold. Most Americans aren’t aware that by December of 2001, forty percent of the travel agencies in America had closed their doors and gone out of business. We struggled along for two years, went from six employees to one and myself, and finally found some firm ground in 2004. In January of 2005, I turned the travel agency over to my faithful and very competent employee and took an indefinite leave of absence.

Hurricane Katrina smashed into the Gulf coast in August of that same year. My response was forming a company to trim or remove fallen trees from roadways, houses, yards or wherever. I bought equipment, hired some young men and ventured to New Orleans to find fortune as a contractor. We were there almost nine months and it proved to be a valuable experience. I received a crash course in contracting and was able to put into practice my marketing and sales skills in a wild west atmosphere.

I’m still on that indefinite leave of absence. Melanie is doing fine with my travel agency and my disaster response company has morphed into a local arboriculture service. On the side, I work on my cyber real estate properties and consult with young business owners who are launching their own enterprises.

In my spare time, I teach small business tactics seminars in Ukraine, where my wife and I founded an organization in 1998 to help orphans and under privileged children.

As you can see David is quite the guy.  Please visit his websites, you will be glad you did.