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   Wow! What a weekend.

      Fishing day was cancelled!

Saturday Morning was the annual FREE fishing day at the lake.  It was cancelled due to Spring River overflowing and flooding the park. Needless to say I had some disappointed kids.

 So as a dad, what can I do to make it up?  MONOPOLY!!!  Monopoly is not fishing, but we had a good time anyway.


Emily and Dad doing a ho-down!REDHEAD EXPRESS


ACOUSTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL   – Our little town has an annual Acoustic Music Festival on our town square.  It was a good time.  We took our lawn chairs and dinner and listened to the bluegrass and gospel music. Emily even got me out on the street to dance.

It has amazed me at the places I can run into marketplace ministers.  Let me introduce you to the Walker Family, REDHEAD EXPRESS.


THE WALKER FAMILY a.k.a. The RedHead Express are equally at home playing straight forward bluegrass as they are playing their own unique renditions of old timely and gospel . This wholesome family showcases their four young daughters’ beautiful harmonies, original songs, and increasing musical maturity while mom and dad add vocal depth, backup, and guidance to the ensemble. Three talented young boys at the end round out the family band. Audiences are wowed by the energy, maturity and skill level of this young family. It’s fun to watch instruments change hands, leads take turns, and just watching a family interact on stage is a rich, rewarding experience. The Walkers are doing what they love…together.

THEIR JOURNEY BEGAN in the fall of 2006, when they were first introduced to the world of bluegrass by their teacher and mentor, Jason Norris, of Bearfoot Band. With the help of Voice Coach/Producer, Kathy Chiavola, the Walkers have rapidly excelled and become a polished, professional bluegrass band. After spending about a year playing all over Alaska, the family unanimously agreed to rent out their new dream home for a bigger dream of following their love of music. They sold all their belongings, bought an RV, and headed south. Alaska is still home, but they yearn to learn and grow and share their music.

THEIR FIRST TOUR out during 2007/2008 was focused mostly on the south, where the heart of bluegrass is, with overwhelming success. They enjoyed showcasing in Virginia at Floyd’s Country Store and the Carter Family Museum; Leanna Bluegrass in Nashville; The Palatka Florida Bluegrass Festival; the historic John C. Campbell Folk School; Country Roots Radio Show for WCQS in Asheville, North Carolina; and countless Opry Houses for bluegrass organizations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Texas. The band also spent two months in Nashville, studying with Kathy Chiavola. Kathy also produced their latest Demo CD, which is the beginning of a new full length CD to be released Winter 2008. Expect to hear several new originals written by Kendra, the eldest daughter.

REDHEAD EXPRESS is excited to share their love of music and family! They can tailor their show to your needs, playing traditional bluegrass, old timey gospel, or a variety show. In the right venue, they’ll even get out on the floor and flat foot with the crowd! The Walker family is committed to sharing their love of traditional Appalachian and bluegrass music with children. They are members of IBMA and support the Bluegrass in the Schools program through their own workshops for children.

I had a chance to visit with Brett and Apryll Walker and find out more about their journey. They are truly an example of a marketplace ministry.  He asked me if I enjoyed the performance.  I told him that I loved it.  They mixed the bluegrass style with gospel.  It really was awesome.  I told him that I was editor of the Kingdom Business Journal and that we teach Kingdom Principles for success and ministry in the marketplace; and,  that he was a great example of it. Sharing the gospel through bluegrass music.  AWESOME!

I found it interesting that Brett also has a passion for buying and selling real estate.  As a way to help support his family of 9, he even has students who he teaches buying and selling techniques through telephone and on-line coaching.  I love an Entreprenuer. 

Only 2% minister behind a pulpit.  That leaves 98% of us to minister in the Marketplace.

No matter what your marketplace, you can minister there.

Lowell Lane