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I live in a town of 12,000 called Carthage, Mo. We are about 15 miles from Joplin, Mo and 60 miles from Springfield, Mo.  We are small but we have a good business community. A friend of mine decided she would like to start a leads group for business people to generate leads for each other. She attended a group in St. Louis that owns the territory for that group and was told that Carthage, Mo was too small and that it would never work.  She did not take their advice. 

Carthage Business Connection was a result of this trip.  We met once per month on a Thursday morning. We had it at a business who donated their space and it was a nice place to do it.  We had up to 25 attend but averaged 15.  We always had a time of fellowship and then announcements. The key was how we generated leads for each other.  Each person in attendance would have a minute to talk about their business and what kind of a lead they were looking for.  A minute doesn’t seem long but it was adequate. After this we had a featured business presentation.  Each meeting would feature one of the businesses and allow them a 10 minute presentation about their product or service.  This business also provided the door prize for the week. After this we had a lead exchange.  We had a slip of paper that you could fill out with all the information about who the lead was, what they were looking for, contact info, and your info in triplicate.  After everyone filled these out, one copy went to the receiver, one went to the giver, and one went in a pot for the drawing.  If you did not have a lead, you did not get a chance at the drawing.

This was a good system and it did well.  In the first year the group generated 1.5 million in business from leads. 

That is a Networking Success Story!    

Kingdom Business Journal is starting the KBJ Network. This will be a networking (leads) group for Christian business people. We are starting our model site in Springfield, Mo and plan to expand with meeting all over the 4 state area. If you would like to find out more about it, visit our site.


If you would like information about starting a group in your area contact me.

Lowell Lane