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Have you discovered Twitter yet?


Twitter is a social network. It is made up of comments of 140 characters or less.

What are you doing ?  This is the question from Twitter, so in 140 characters or less you can talk about whatever you are doing. 

Making sales calls, writing a blog, updating my calendar of events on my website www.kbjnetwork.com, looking at my lovely wife, eating lunch with my children, sending email messages to folks I met at the Carthage Chamber ribbon cutting yesterday.  

Do you get the idea.

It is very interesting because you can find people with like interest and follow them.  This is great for friends, family, and business.  

My friend David Tinney introduced me to Twitter.  Davids stats are:  

  • Following 812  – He is watching and getting updates from 812 people. 
  • Followers 253 – He has 253 following him.  These are people who are interested in what he is saying.  
  • Favorites 20 – He has 20 twitters that are his favorites.
  • Updates 361 – David has posted 361 Twitters.

    The twitter zone is like going to Wal-Mart.  You look around and 2 hours later you wonder what happened.

    Check out my Twitter.

    Tweet Tweet!!!