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Have you ever read a really good business book and then thought, I WONDER HOW THAT APPLIES TO MY BUSINESS BIBLICALLY ? 

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine, Dale Schumaker.  I met Dale about 8 months ago when my partner, Rich Forster, had told him that I was building a new website.  He was looking for someone to help build a website for him.  I am not a programmer and web developer; so, I could not actually help Dale.  We had a good visit and I learned about his ability to read several of the latest and hottest business books, write  reviews on them, and then write spiritual reviews.  Dale was doing a book review class at Border’s book store in Springfield.     I’ll let Dale tell you about it.

Dale Shumaker 

Personal educator for entrepreneurs and founder at Spirit Savvy Business

“My signature ability is being a personal educator for business entrepreneurs and self-directed income people. I have an unique ability to observe areas needing developed- both personal skills and areas vital to business growth- then find and provide critical resources that make a significant difference.

As an entrepreneurial-minded person, I have observed with my 30-years experience that most visionary people don’t need someone to tell them what to do. But they are eager to learn, investigate new ideas, and seek the best current information for expanding their businesses. They also desire to increase their personal skills for business. Thus, my position is one of a personal educator. I find the best information and bring it to you; and in doing so, become your personal educator. I find what’s just right for you and assist you with relevant information that you can use. I have a great balance of current business knowledge and education skills.

My focus is more on developing the person who develops the business and increasing his/her abilities to be one who excels at exceptional levels. What sets me apart is my emphasis on the Spiritual factor we all have access to and putting that to work so you get results beyond the natural. When Spiritual skills are combined with personal skills and talents, it creates an exceptional personal power. My theme, then, is combining business skill excellence with Spiritual excellence. With my seasoned experience and visionary/ entrepreneurial mind, I am able to be a supreme complement who serves alongside high-impact leaders.

Unique abilities:

*To adjust to and work with varied personalities;

*Superior strategic and innovative thinking, teaming, people-reading and inspiring;

*Organizing skills and unique talent in synergizing efforts;

*Spiritual gift of seeing where things are going, gift-spotting and developing insights into people’s unique gifting that increase their effectiveness.

E-mail contact: biznetsave@yahoo.com

Dale Shumaker’s Specialties:

Providing business knowledge and personal education with recommendations on how to use the best business principles along with superior Spiritual principles. In other words, I am your personal educator, and serve much like a prophetic business sage… relating Biblical Spiritual principles to real-world work in business.”

~Dale Schumaker~


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Dale is a very neat guy and I think you will really like his book reviews.


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