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We did a simple survey on our website that asked the question, “As a Christian business owner, what is your number 1 business challenge?”

Here is what our survey results, so far.

As a Christian business owner, what is your number 1 business challenge?
Leadership/ Management Skills     22%


Time Management     17%


Finances     11%


Sales     50%


Sales came in #1 at 50%. So let’s talk about sales and why is it a challenge??

I had a sales manager that used to challenge me and ask me, what do you need

to sale today? 

I responded with, “what do you mean?”. 

What happened next changed my life as a salesman!


What are your sales goal? 

What is your quota? Quota is the minimal amount.  

What is your goal? What are you aiming at?

In order to hit this goal you should break it down to the ridiculous. 

Break it down to the month, week, day, and even hour. 

If you know what your close rate is and your average sale, then you should know

that if you call on X number of clients you should sell X amount.


Goal – $100,000.00

Time – 4 months

Close rate of – 50%

Average sale – $500.00

$100,000 =

$25,000.00 per month

$6250.00 per week

$1250.00 per day

2.5 sales per day

5 sales calls per day 

This is the way you set a goal and the way you can break it down to the ridiculous.

If you are having a challenge in the area of sales I suggest you try this, you don’t

have anything to lose.

If you would like to hear a dynamic teaching from a seasoned sales professional

then listen to this Tele-Seminar on Sales.

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