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Redhead Express

The Walker Family–Brett, Apryll, Kendra, LaRae, Alisa, Meghan, Sean, Joseph, and Ammon

From Alaska to Branson, Mo

Do you have a passion?  Is your passion big enough to sell all you have, take your family traveling across the country in a RV and then relocate thousands of miles away in order to pursue your passion.

I had the pleasure of meeting this family at a Blues festival in our little home town of Carthage, Mo in June 2008.  The Walkers had just arrived in Branson the day before and we getting ready to start at a new theatre on the following Monday. 

This family is very talented.  All the family plays instruments, except dad.  The kids range from 18 to 5 (7 total) and all the kids are red heads (Red Head Express) like momma.  They first moved from Alaska to Nashville and the whole family went to study about bluegrass music.  They did this for months and began traveling doing shows.  When I met them they had just signed a contract to perform at a theatre in Branson for the season doing 2 shows a day 6 days a week till fall.  WOW!  They have since had some changes and are going to one show a day 6 days a week. 

Here is the bottom line.  Marketplace ministry!!  They took their passion (music) and made something of it and now they get to perform a mixture of gospel and bluegrass music to thousands.  They openely sing about God and it is quite an inspiring performance.  Brett said it is a blessing to get to talk to people after the shows and it gives him a oportunity of ministry. 

Look them up  www.redheadexpress.com

My daughter Emily and I even had some fun dancing.

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