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Is your business a success? 

What is your definition of success?

Let me share with you an idea of success.  I starting working with a gentlemen who has a ministry/business.  He has been working it for 6 years and he did not buy the business because he wanted to, it was a God thing.  I have just started getting to know him and it is apparent that his success in the business is not from his sales or his checkbook.  I see the excitement as he talks about his customers and the opportunities he has had to minister.  The opportunities he has had to listen to someone who needs someone to talk to.  Being able to pray with someone when they are hurting. 

My friend told me a story that really blessed me.  He used to be in the car rental business and had a large organization with many locations.  He said one day he was standing in one of his parking lots talking to his manager. A man and his family pulled up in an old station wagon full of kids.  They had run out of gas. The man approached my friend and asked if he could get some gas.  He told the guy to go see his shop manager and see if he had some work to earn the gas.  The man went to work detailing cars and whatever else needed to be done.   A little later the my friend went to see where this guy was, and nobody could find him.  His wife and kids were out back, but he was no where to be found.  My friend went back to the office and on the way the guy came out of the bathroom.  My friend went into the bathroom and to his amazement the bathroom was spotless.  My friend immediately went and asked the guy if he had cleaned the bathroom, and he had. My friend hired him that day.  He worked for my friend and eventually my friend promoted him to a manager.  Years later my friend landed at a large airport.  The guy was the General Manager of the entire airport with a staff of over 300 people. 

Being in business need to be profitable and you need to be able to generate income… but money is not eternal…