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I just returned from a very long day working in Springfield, Missouri.    

This evening I attended a Praise and Prayer meeting at an Insurance office.  You heard me correctly, at an office.  A friend started last year having a few close friends come over to his office and meeting for a time of prayer about his new business.  As this continued it started to grow and then his wife and son started doing praise music as part of the meeting.  I went to the meeting tonight to see how it worked. 

When I got there, they had already started the praise music.  We sang and had a sweet time of praise.  Then my friend got up and thanked everyone for being there and said a few words and read a few scriptures and had a few words of encouragement.  He then asked for specific prayer request from several and then we entered into praise again.   At the end we had prayer.  

This is an awesome example of ministry in the marketplace.  Kingdom Business Journal is working with this friend and we are planning on building this as a model for others to use in their businesses. 

Stay tuned!!