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Let me share with you about one of the areas on our website.

KBJ Success Studies for the Marketplace

This section is a series of short 15-30 group discussions that can be used at work during a break or lunch.  It allows you to have a short study including a verse, a question, and a topic of discussion. 

Here is an example.  Feel free to use it and then let us know how you like it.

Lowell Lane


“God’s Approach to Work Assignments”

Gen. 1:1-27

Where better to start a study on workplace success than at the very beginning of time to discover principles the Creator used to approach His work. These principles are applicable to any job, assignment, or project you are given to do. Let’s take a look at few of these success tidbits and see how we might apply them to our work day.

Read Genesis 1:1-27 ……………………………Consider these four points.

First, God set His goal to create a functional earth with living animals and human beings.

Next, He made a plan or strategy to accomplish that goal.

Third, He followed through and managed each aspect of that plan to completion.

Fourth, He completed His objective successfully on time, and accomplished His goal.

Discussion: Take these four points for success God used and discuss ways you can apply them in your specific job or assignment this very day.

What goals can I set for my daily work assignment?

How can I make a plan to complete those assignments successfully?

How can I improve my time management and increase my success rate?

How does it feel when you know you have met your goals successfully?

I encourage you to try these Kingdom Principles starting today and see if you don’t experience more success and satisfaction in your daily work and life.

Rich Forster