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“I hate you, and I am just waiting for you to die, so I can have my mom back!”  These are the words that my wife thought about her step-father many years ago. 

My wife had a to deal with domestic violence and abuse during her childhood.  At age 18 her step-father beat her up and kicked her out of her mom’s house. 

Years later, Laura’s mom had cancer.  At one point Laura’s mom (Barb) and step dad (Rick) came to see us for a visit.  We asked them if they would stay and go to church with us and let the pastor and elders of the church pray over them.  They agreed.  They were not Christians.  They came to the front of the church, the pastor anointed her with oil and started praying for her.  Many were laying there hands on her, praying in the spirit and then all of a sudden the Holy-Spirit took over and Barb fell in the spirit.  Rick freaked, I grabbed him and took him aside and started explaining what was going on.  By the power of the Holy-Spirit I started to prophesy and speak to Rick.  Rick’s father had died several years earlier and Rick was very mad at and blamed God.  The Lord confronted Rick through me about this and that really freaked him out.  They came by the house and Rick heard Laura tell her brother that she’d chosen to forgive Rick for abusing her, even though it took time for the feelings to follow.  They then left immediately and went home. Even after all this,  Laura and Rick now have a good relationship to this day.

Several days later, Rick called and asked if there were any other churches in their area, like ours.  I was able to link him with a church that was and the pastor had been Rick’s old schoolmate.  They hit it off great and shortly after that, Rick and Barb accepted the Lord. 

Even though Barb was dying of cancer, she became a powerful witness for the Lord and told everyone she came in contact with what the Lord had done for her.  Rick and Barb were changed people. Three years later, Barb at the age of 51, went home to be with the Lord.  One month later, Rick announced his engagement to a woman 10 years younger.  Laura still forgave him.

Yesterday, Rick called Laura to tell her about a situation with her brother.  Rick ended up talking to Laura and giving her encouragement and telling her that we need to remember who we are in Christ and what scriptures we need to be praying over our situation.  WOW! Here is the same man that beat Laura up, and now he is quoting scripture and encouraging her. 

Praise the Lord! 

Laura and I have gone through a very hard time in the last 4 years.  Through circumstances we have forgotten who we are in Christ. Laura and I ended up staying up and praising and praying to the Lord for hours.  We prayed over our children, over finances, over business, over health, and many other issues.  We prayed like we have not prayed in years.  After praying we agreed that we needed to see what the Lord wanted to say to us. 

I turned to Genesis 45 where Joseph made himself known to his brothers. 

Joseph was thought to be dead by his family.  When his brothers came to him in a famine, they did not know he was alive let alone in charge of Egypt.  So even after what they had done to him,  Joseph was able to forgive them and then bless them. 

God spoke to me through this. 

” Spiritually you have been dead, but you are not.  I have brought you back to me as Josephs and his brothers were brought back together.  There has been a famine in your life, but no more. I am going to bless you.”


Thank You Lord!!!