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You think you have problems!

 What if God asked you, “If this is all there is, will you still praise me”?

Over the years I have had some very rough circumstances and learned the hardest lessons. I have had too many jobs; we have had constant financial trials, serious medical trials, and business trials. All of these things of their own could have been devastating; but, God has remained faithful and has protected us. At the time, we may have not have known this and thought the world was coming to an end; but, he was there.


It seems to me that God is faithful to us even when we are not faithful to him; and, through these trials we have learned to have faith that God would be with us, therefore building contentment. Being content and trusting God allows him to bless us.


Take a minute to process what I just said. Let me give you some examples.


I can remember being a young married couple; and, because of a sickness, getting into serious financial trouble. It got to a point that the bank was threatening foreclosure on our house. We consulted several people and even went to Consumer Credit Counseling. They all said they could not help us and that we should call an attorney. We did as advised; and, the attorney said we needed to file chapter 13 in order to protect our home. He promised that it would be ok and that we would not lose our house. We did lose the house. We thought that our world was coming to an end.


We had just moved to a new area and my first paycheck on my commission job was $59.00. I came home one evening and found my wife and son on the living room floor having a picnic of popcorn. My son was 1 ½ and was enjoying it. My wife was tearful. I said; “What are we doing”? “We are having dinner; popcorn was the only thing to eat”. After our son went to bed, my wife and I got on our knees and prayed and asked God to help us through this. We felt like the Lord said, “If this is all there is, will you still praise me”? That night we decided that if it was all that God had for us, we would be content with his provisions. We thought our world was coming to an end.


Soon after choosing contentment, God started to bless us. I got a good job; and, we moved to a very nice house. It was a newly remodeled 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage with a fireplace. It had a great backyard and was in a nice neighborhood. At this point of blessing, we were very involved in a local church; and, Life was good.


If you are having trials and think your world is coming to an end, remember that God is faithful. During trials, the hardest thing to do is to let God be God. If God is faithful, then we need to do our part and be faithful so that God can do his part. If we let God do his part, then that puts us in a position that God can bless us.

Faithfulness = Contentment = Blessings