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Yesterday I attended an awesome event, “Chocolate Blues & Business“.  What a combo!

This was a fun event held in the beautiful Tower Club in Springfield, Mo.  There was hundreds of people there and all kinds of vendors.  Everything from The Shepherds Guide Christian Yellow Pages to Saladmaster Cookware, and all kinds other products.

This was an unusual event for me because I was able to take my wife along.  I thought that she could use a bit of a change of scene from kids, the house, and Carthage.  Want to get her view of the event?

Are events like this for you?

Networking has many forms.  Social events, personal relationships, business acquaintances, customers, Internet social networking, and referrals.  You could do nothing but networking, and not get anything done.  You have to be selective, so I use a few simple criteria to select how I am going to do networking.

Who is your customer?

I work with The Shepherds Guide Christian yellow pages and my target customer is the Christian Business owner or Manager who makes buying decisions about advertising.

Where can you find them?

I am looking for places that companies go to get the word out about there businesses.  Home shows and fairs, Networking groups such as KBJ Network.  Events where pastors or lay leaders will be.  Family faith based events.  Christian concerts that have Christian vendors.

How do you get them interested in what you have?

What I look for is companies that in some way are displaying or stating that they are a Christian business’s.  Do they have a fish or scripture reference on there advertising or company vehicles?  Do they have Christian information displayed?  Are they openly talking about Christianity?

I hope these tips helped.

Be selective!  Be Productive!  Be Successful!