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I have been reading a book called, “Created for Work” by Bob Schultz.  I just read the chapter about Confidence.  He made a very good point I would like to share.

“When a Christian begins to lose confidence, it’s often because he’s lost sight of God’s control. False, fearful ideas creep into his mind where thoughts of safety and courage belong. he starts to think that events happen by chance instead of under the watchful eye of God.”

Have you lost your confidence?   Are you having fearful thoughts?  This topic can apply in many areas of our life.  Spiritually, Family, Work, Church,….

Open up to God!  Pray!  Talk to God and tell him how you are feeling and what is going on.  Ask him to restore your confidence in whatever the matter.

I heard a profound statement yesterday.  Marlene Klepees was a paraplegic who was healed and now shares her testimony.  She said that even when she could not talk so that anyone could understand her, God never says HUH!

No matter what your circumstance or what you are dealing with, God will listen.

Be blessed today, and have confidence.

Lowell Lane