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Obviously, Fall is my favorite season.  I love it when the morning get cold and the leaves turn colors.  We had a pumpkin patch several years ago when we had our farm, we loved every minute of it.

This morning reminds me of the night they forecast the first frost of the year and we had about 2 acres of pumpkins on the vine not all ready for harvest.  We heard the forecast on the 10 PM news, so we went pumpkin picking.

We bundled up the kids and Laura started the hot cocoa.  We went out in our field and by the full harvest moon, picked almost 100 pumpkins.  Some were small, some were large, some were still green, some were perfect.

Pumpkins are like babies.  Not a one is the same. 

People are like pumpkins before we are saved, our insides are YUCK!

Carving a pumpkin is just like getting saved.  You start by cleaning out the insides.  Scraping all that YUCK out and making it nice and clean.  Then when Jesus comes into your heart it is just like putting the candle in the pumpkin, lighting up your life.

Now, this does not make you perfect. 

During the short life of a pumpkin it has to be maintained.  You have to change the candle as it melts, you have to keep it clean and then eventually, you have to throw it away

or make pumpkin pie.

Getting saved last for an eternity.

If you are a pumpkin still on the vine, let Jesus pick you, clean you up, and light up your life!

Be blessed!