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I have a friend in Oklahoma who is a traditional brick and mortar business marketer.  He told me a story I want to share.

His son needed to make some money to pay a few bills.  Dad was not willing to help him and told him he

would have to dig out of the hole the same way he got into it.  So the son started brainstorming.

They live in an area around a lake and there a many elderly on the lakefront.  He decided to start a handyman service.  He had a truck and a few tools, but no money to advertise.

He came up with an idea that dad thought was incredible.  At their Wal-mart they have a FREE ad board.  People can list items for sale and services and so on.  Wal-Mart required a card that he had to use and then he modified it by putting a piece of paper behind it with a bunch of pull off numbers.   He posted them one morning and by the end of the next day he had several jobs.

What just happened? 

His son came up with an effective marketing plan that effectively marketed to his target audience and met him budget.

Who is your target audience?  Where do they hang out?  What do they want?  Ask yourself the Who, Where, What, how, and When questions.  What kind of marketing can you do that hits your target marketing?

Just a thought!