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Believe it or not, it has been at least 2 years since I have had a cell phone.  I have always had a company phone and did not have to worry about it.  A lot has changed in 2 years!

Texting? – You see the fingers flying sometimes and I have wondered why?  Rich said you have to getting texting.  I text more than I talk.  The operator said the 200 messages was plenty for a new user.  I asked how long 200 messages would last her and she replied that she could do that in a day!  CRAZY!

Media? – What?  Google on my phone?  They said you can check your e-mail, check the weather, and even send and receive pictures.

Bluetooth? At first I had no idea what this one.  I found out and I think they should call them borg phones.

Plans? This is the really confusing part.  Too many to choose from.   I just jumped in and got one.

Laura is going to have her first cell phone, and it is going to be pink.

All the new plans and features are great, but I still like to keep things simple.


Can I have my bag phone back?