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I was up until 2AM cooking the Turkey.  We are going to go to friends house for the day, and our part is bringing Turkey, dressing, pumpkin and pecan pie, and sweet potato casserole.  We are bringing a whole meal plus she is fixing Ham and fixings.  Too much.

The most important thing today is not the food or the fellowship.  We need to give Thanks for the blessings that God has gave us.  We are a blessed people and country.   We have the blessing of a FREE country and being able to worship as we please,  work and live where we want, marry whom we choose and have children(as many as God blesses us with) , and we can do all this without regulation.

There are politics that we don’t agree with and policies we don’t agree with, but we have the freedom to vote and voice our opinions and fight for what we believe in.

What are you thankful for this Thanks Giving?

I would love to hear from you, will you give me a comment and let me know what you are Thankful for?

I thank God for you today.  May God bless!


Lowell and Laura Lane