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I received a call from a client. After 16 years in business, he has to shut his doors.
I want to commend this man for calling and dealing with the situation. He has a wonderful attitude even though this will probably be the hardest thing he has ever dealt with. He told me that he knows God has a plan and if he has to start over, that is ok.
His called blessed me because I have been where he is. 2 years ago we went through the same process. God has taken us through the storm and and we are not out yet, but God has had control the whole time.

I pray that during this trial that he can keep looking up and know that God is holding his hand and will give him peace.

God uses all things Good!


During this Christmas Holiday, don’t forget the reason we celebrate.

Won’t you join with me and have a JESUS cake Christmas day to celebrate JESUS birhday!