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Why is it the responsiblity of the United States Government to bail out the Auto Dealers?

My Grandpa used to say, “you make your own bed and you have to lay in it”.  Let the auto dealers get themselves out of this mess like any other business in america.

When the Government agreed to the 700 Billion dollar bail-out of the Financial industry, did they not see the writing on the wall that they would start lining up for hand-outs.

I don’t think that any of these industries should be, “Bailed Out”.  They made the mess and they should fix it themselves.

But what about all the employees that it would effect?


First of all, the CEO’s who are demanding there 10 million dollar bonuses when the company is about to go into bankruptcy,  should go to jail.  They are part of the reason for the problems.They could sell all those private jets and fly coach.

Secondly, the unions not being willing to negotiate a cut in pay is foolish.  Many companies have shut down in America because cannot  stay competitive in the market.  I was told that some auto workers are making an average of 75.00 per hour and they are not willing take a cut. I say they take a cut or they need to fire them and get a new workforce willing to work for half  that.  People would line up and the car manufacturers could compete.  IT IS BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE,  LOSING THE JOBS FOR GOOD.


Now that I have expressed my opinion let’s look at a biblical point of this.  They bible is clear about the love of money and greed.  Many of these problems are caused because people worship there pocket books instead of God!

We need to pray for all involved in this mess.  From the CEO’s, workers, and the government officials.  We need to pray that God will intervene and bring people to their knees and repent.

God is in control, and if people would trust him, he will provide!