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Just the other day I was listening to John Maxwell ~ Winning with People.   He was talking about our fears and how they can hinder us.  Fear can be a very powerful and debilitating factor in your success.

I was talking with JD Buckridge and he was asked a simple question, but it opened a door I had locked.   We were talking about a business I have and why I had not pursued it.   JD said, ” you told me about your business and offered to talk to me about it, but I have not heard anymore about it,  WHY?”

I did not know what to say, except ~ I don’t know.

There was something standing in the way,  IT WAS FEAR!

Because of past failures, I was fearful of another failure.  I was afraid of failing in my business because of other business failures,  not this one.  This one was mostly positive.   My results in this business were, well AWESOME!

Andy Mason whos’ office is in the FREEDOM NOW business development center, was also able to help me.   He is an emotional release coach.   He was able to help me deal with releasing some of that past FEAR, and realize that it was standing in my way.

Thanks Guys!

Does something  stand  in your way but, you are not sure what it is?  It makes you feel anxious,  sick at your stomach,  not worthy,  or numerous other feeling,   IT MAY BE FEAR!