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This is my son Matthew.  Today is his 18th  birthday.  I can’t believe it.  I can still remember the day he was born.  It was a bitter cold day in Topeka, Kansas.  I remember that the evening ended in a blizzard.  His birth was an emergency C-section because he was breech.  He was our miracle baby.  Not only was he breech he also had the cord wrapped around his neck. Laura had beta strep and pre-eclampsia. The doctor told us we were very lucky and that we better enjoy him because we would not be able to have more.

It was really wild being new parents, but Laura remembers a baby crying in the nursery and she knew it was Matthew.  The nurses could not calm him, but they brought him to Laura and immediately she started singing to him and he calmed down.  In the womb Laura had sung to Matthew and wrote a song she sang to him.  He still loves to have her sing his song to him.

I can’t believe he is 18, but he is a great boy and we love him with all our hearts.

Happy Birthday son!