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I did this on Valentines, I just forgot to hit publish….. She still loves me!

valentines-day-heartHere it is Valentine’s . The day of LOVE!

I have already asked my wife to be my Valentine at 1:05 am this morning. We stayed up late watching a movie.

We have been married for 22 years. We have been together 27 years. When we married in 1986 we made a life long commitment.

I have heard about statistics as high as 60% of marriages fail and end in d_____.

We don’t ever say that word or even spell it out. It is not in our vocabulary. WHY!

Why speak about something that is not an option. Believe me we have been the thick and the thin, and we have had problems. We have had severe financial and relationship problems, but the D word has never came into our minds. I am serious, I am not just saying it.

We made a commitment at that alter till death do us part, and it would be because if I ever tried to separate Laura would shoot me. (Ha Ha) I am not serious.

I love Laura more than anything else on earth. She is my best friend, my wife, mother to our 4 children, and much more.

I love you honey! Happy Valentines.

Challenge: Take the D word out of your marriage and never, never say it or even make it an option.

God bless you and your marriage.