Since the first of the year, God has made some awesome changes that I would like to share with you.

Over 7 years ago, GOD gave Rich the vision and plan for Kingdom Business Journal.  Rich and I have put many hours into trying to build it to be what GOD wanted it to be.  In the process, we lost site of GOD’S plan and inadvertently started trying to make it do or be what we wanted or needed it to be.   We let US get in the way of what GOD was doing.  Rich and I committed in October 2008 to get US out of the process and see what GOD wanted to do.

If you are a Christian business owner, entrepreneur, manager of a company, minister, evangelist, or a worker for one of the above; ask yourself the question we asked ourselves, “LORD, ARE WE STANDING IN THE WAY OF WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO?”

Let me share what GOD is doing with KINGDOM BUSINESS JOURNAL.

Since the first of the year we have had over 1200 visitors who have viewed over 6500 pages and each spending about 5 minutes on average at: http://www.kingdombusinessjournal.com .  We have had visitors from 41 countries and over 420 cities.   Praise the Lord our membership has more than doubled.

We are hearing from people all over the world who are hungry for these KINGDOM principles and our number one search or reference is KINGDOM BUSINESS.

GOD continues to give us DIVINE connections.

In the last year we have made dozens of connections with other Ministries and other ministers in the marketplace.  We refer to these as DIVINE APPOINTMENTS.  Since the first of the year, GOD has brought us several DIVINE APPOINTMENTS and it is awesome.

God is moving in the body of Christ. He is UNITING Christians and preparing a mighty ARMY for the Lord.

Thank you for being part of what GOD is doing in and through the Kingdom Business Journal.


Lowell Lane- HIS servant