As I have been preparing to plant my garden it has reminded me as to how you start a business. You have to start with a plan.
With gardening you have to have a place to garden. In business it is all about location, especially in retail.
You have to decide what to plant. In business you have to decide what your product is.
In a garden you have to lay out a plan of your garden, where everything is going to be and how much space it will take.
In business you have to decide if you need a retail store front, how much space you need, where everything will go or you may just sell online.

There are many ways in which to garden, but one thing is for sure, you have to have the basics.
1. Good soil
2. Good light
3. Access to water
4. Air flow
5. Time

In business you have to have good basics also.
1. Capital – Don’t start a business on borrowed money! Get a good banker.
2. A quality business plan. Hire a life coach and talk through the process.
3. Quality workers. Start looking for good employees now!
5. Location! Location! Location! Start looking for possible locations for your business.

Plan your work and work your plan and you will reap a harvest!