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This is interesting.  I decided to write about Surviving or Thriving, and so my wife decided she would also.  Laura wrote the post before reading mine.  Here is mine!

Last week at church someone asked, “How is business? You know there are a lot of people going out of business and cutting cost to survive!”   We continued to talk and the next thing they said was,”but you know this is the time to advertise and get aggressive, when thing are bad.”

So, are you in survival mode or a Thriving and opportunity mode?

I am a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Graduate, and I like what Dave Ramsey says,

“I’m tired of hearing all the gloom and doom coming from the media about the economy and unemployment—I bet you are, too! Let’s take a minute to look at the true reality of the situation and what we can do about it.

Yes, many people have lost their jobs and houses. You may be one of them. But guess what? People have lost their jobs and houses even in a bull market. About 93% of people are still employed. That is pretty good! I was alive in the 1970s when unemployment hit double digits, and we’re nowhere near that right now! I’m not making light of the fact that some people are struggling; I’m just putting the situation in the proper perspective.

Even though you may be currently unemployed, that doesn’t mean you have to participate in the recession. People like me who have chosen to not participate acknowledge the reality of a slow economy and suffering people. However, we have decided that we’re not going to form our lives around the negativity coming out of the media and government. We’re intensifying our efforts and going to have the best year of our lives in spite of things slowing down.”

I side with Dave Ramsey, I choose not to participate.  Yes I am aware of the problems that are going on with the economy, but this is the time for opportunity.  When others are surviving  and cutting all cost, others are thriving.  People have asked me, “Isn’t it a bad time for you to be starting a New Shepherds Guide book”?  My response is, that it is God’s book,  God is building it, God called me to be a servant, and God will provide.

Let me give you an example of a direct sells company I am involved with.  Saladmaster is a direct sales company with the finest product on the market in there industry. They looked at the market and found opportunity.  They found that many people are eating at home and cutting back on eating out.  Food prices are increasing and there product helps cut food cost.  Many people are being health conscience and there product provides a healthy method of food preparation by eliminating oil and retaining nutrients.  They also found that more and more people are looking to supplement there income.

Guess what!  They have a are having record sales and they are hiring a lot of part-time people.  They are making an opportunity out of the current condition.

So, are your going to make an opportunity out of the current condition?  Take a look at your product and your market.  Do some research.  Are there hidden opportunities that you could take advantage of ?