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I have been busy preparing a mailing.  This is a first time for me, and it is a lot of work and it has been frustrating.

The computer I have is a Windows XP- Garage Sales Special.  I am not joking.  My laptop died and I was at a garage sale and bought it for $25.00.   Shortly after getting it it crashed, but they were able to restore it and since it did not have the Office disc’s, they installed Open Office.  It works fine, but printing labels has been a nightmare.   I finally got it to print the labels, but they are not perfect as I wished.

We have all 1500 envelopes ready except the postage and inserting the letters.   They are will be going out Monday, I hope.

I have only had people tell me about direct mail marketing in the past.   Since the average is about a 1-2% return, I have never messed with it.  This is a different situation and my boss says it is an effective tool.

What about you, have you tried direct mail marketing?   Letters, postcards,  or flyer’s?

If you have had experience with this form of marketing would you share it by commenting ?


Lowell Lane