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It has been a very long day, but a good one.   I was up early, and unfortunately my wife was up early also with sick kids.   I did my devotion and answered some e-mails and got busy.  I

made calls all morning setting appointments and trying to a good start on the week.  I had an appointment this afternoon and one this evening.

I would like to talk about my appointment from this evening.  I met with a young man who has a ministry in Joplin and from a phone conversation we had, we decided to get together and talk.  Neither of us knew exactly why we were getting together, but we were to get together.  We visited and talked about kids, and life and then we really got started.  I knew he had a ministry, but I was not sure what he did.  He proceeded to describe what he did and what his ministry was all about.   At this point I still had no idea why we were meeting.  I told him it was  interesting, but I had no revelation for him.

We kept talking and I was able to share some similar stories, and then he asked me the question.  “I have this idea and passion but I have no idea how to make money with it.”  I thought to myself, join the crowd.   He was looking for answers and I said, I did not have any ideas but I would think about it.

Two weeks ago my partner and I met with a gentlemen who is a coach and Internet marketing expert.  We talked and in that conversation he was fact finding and trying to pull out of Rich and I what our giftings were.  He simply asked me a question, “What do your family, friends, and co-workers say that you are really good at?”   This question popped into my head and so I thought, well maybe it will work with this guy.  So I asked him the same question.

I believe that the Holy Spirit took over at this point.  The guy proceeded to tell me what he was good at and as I was taking notes a plan started forming.   There was one thing in particular that as I was sharing these ideas,  he had a look in his eye that was one of those,  AHA MOMENTS!    It was as if a light switch was turned on.


Now here is what is interesting.  Two weeks ago the guy in Kansas City asked me, “”What do your family, friends, and co-workers say that you are really good at?”  From that conversation a word was spoken, “HAND TO THE PLOW” and what came from it was that I had a gift to take an idea and be able to implement it from design to completion.  He had given me several ideas of how I could use that gift, but I walked away thinking, I have this gifting but what am I going to do with it and how could I make money with it ?   Déjà vu!

As I left this meeting tonight  I had an,  AHA MOMENT.

I just spent a little over an hour putting,  THE HAND TO THE PLOW!