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Here it is April 6 and we are having a FREEZE WARNING tonight.


I just heard on the news that a local strawberry farmer was covering his 22,000 plants and hoping for the best. The last time we had a April Freeze he lost 70% of his crop.  He said that farming is like gambling, but it is a lot more work.


I hope his strawberries produce.  I can just taste that strawberry shortcake. MMM!

I have my garden covered with straw. The only thing showing is a few cabbages, a row of peas, and a few onions. I just hope this is the last of the cold weather.   If I lose them, it won’t be a major loss, but I am trying to be a good steward.

If you are a business owner then you can relate to the farmer’s comment about farming being like gambling. Being is business is also a gamble. The best advice I can offer is to be a good steward of what God has given you. Prepare for the slow times and store up some grain during the harvest. Treat your employees, customers, and vendors well.
I have been thinking about this so we started a series on the Seven traits of a Good Steward. Our Tip of the Week is available on our home page. Go to http://www.kingdombusinessjournal.com and there will be a pop-up box that allows you to sign up.

Be blessed!