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We have a number of friends, brothers and sister in Christ, that have been negatively effected with this current economic debacle.  Some have lost six figured jobs and for others, they have yet to find gameful employment for over a year in some cases.  There are so many lessons for us to learn through the challenges of this fearful time that they are too numerous to list but surprisingly exciting for us at KBJ.  The reason they are exciting times is that our heart is to help the many who struggle in these times with a lack of business and/or job as we  possibly can with advice and practical business instruction while illuminating the spiritual parallel of that same principal as Jesus taught.   We believe too that it is especially important to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters with support to weather this battle with God like resolve and determination.

Today I just want to suggest one thing to those of you that are in this seemingly futile delimma, fearful and anxious, and so overwhelmed that you can’t see the forest through the trees.  There is no obstacle too large that it cannot be overcome with the ingenuity,  creativity and persistent resolve of a blood bought, mustard seed believing, child of the Living God.  It all begins practically with a plan of action.  In order to have or make a plan of action you must first understand and face your circumstances.   No matter how serious they sound, how bad they feel or how grim they appear, you need to thoroughly understand where you are in order to get where you want to go.  Once you face the truth of the situation, you can formulate a step by step plan that is attainable and celebrate every little victory you accomplish along the way.   Put your dreams back at the top of that list of goals, bathe the plan in prayer along with your fellow believers and present your plans to the Lord and they will succeed.  Now it’s time to take action.

It is a really helpful and a good idea to engage the help of a good friend, pastor or mentor to help you sort the truth from fiction from the start and along the way.  You don’t need to stress yourself anymore than you already may be but to measure your success you need goals or expectations along the way to measure progress and maintain your enthusiasm for positive action. 

So in summary, gather all the facts, good and bad and understand them.  Then formulate a plan to solve the more serious circumstance first and the others as you progress.  Present this plan to the Lord and trust He will honor your commitment because it will be glory to Him.  Include your dreams and destiny back into your daily life.  Build in some little success benchmarks to measure your progress.  And always know, God loves you and will never let His righteous fail.  It just may take a little more time than is comfortable for you for Him to develope His Divine plan perfectly for you.  We at KBJ are believeing for you and prayfully look forward to your testimony of God’s deliverence of your situation and your new assignment.

Rich Forster KBJ Publisher