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A good friend, business student and spiritual son called me today to discuss a number of issues and for prayer.  I am always honored to be asked for advice and prayer.  But we discussed a principle for business I taught him years ago that he realized played a major role in the way he was handling life situations as well as business opportunities.  It’s an old cliche you have all probalby heard but it is so refreshing to hear that it still works today in various situation of life.  As a very talented salesman searching to be the best at what he did, he operated more from enthusiasm and challenge than he did with purpose and efficiency.  He had a tendency to ready, fire, aim and consequently wasted his energy and talent finding his way through the maze of selling.  So I taught him to “plan his work and work his plan”.

It is a known fact that if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.  The need for a plan in your life was first substantiated by God when He did the same for you.  In Eph. 1:4-5 Paul verified for us that God chose us, each and every one, before the beginning of time and pre-destined (appointed plan or guananteed destiny) us as His son’s according to the good pleasure of His will.

All throughtout the Word of God from creation in Genesis to the details in revelation, God demonstrated that He had a plan for everything and everybody.  That in itself is a comforting thought, right?  But it also infers we do the same with our life.  Afterall, He was the living example for us all to follow in life.  I would also add that He is a God of detail.  He numbered the hairs on your head and when David was drawing up the blue prints for the Temple that his son Solomon was to build, God gave him very explicit intsructions and details on how it was to be built.  There are  many examples I could mention today but suffice to say, I think you get the point.

My young protege went on to explain how this procedure he learned in the sales training 101 class has assisted him in his business now and with his family affairs as well.  So I want to encourage you today to do the same.  Plan your work(assignment) and work your plan.  With focus and persistence, you will not only be successful, but you will be an inspiration to all those who work and live around you.  At the same time,  you will demonstrate what it means to have pride in your work and to strive for perfection in all that you do.  That is the kind of influence that makes you a successful businessman, family man and marketplace minister.  Positive influence on those around you is the best form of evangelism you can do as it shows your commitment to practice what you believe and sometimes even preach. 

Preparing for the worst and expecting the best is a winning formula for success in every area of life and gives glory and honor to the One who made you.  So, plan your work and work your plan and be the success you were destined to be. 

Blessings…….Rich Forster    KBJ Publisher