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This last weekend we attending a living nativity in Racine Missouri at the Racine Christian Church. It was an awesome event. Over 200 people in costume, 2 camels, donkeys, goats, and a host of angels, roman soldiers on horseback, and of course a live baby Jesus.

I though about this program and how this little Baptist church out in the country could possibly put on a program of this magnitude. I asked the pastor and he said it was God! I have to agree, but I thought that he obviously had great leadership ability.

The point of this is that over 200 people came together to serve the Lord and they had a common goal. In our businesses we need to work together toward a common goal. We need to pull together and use our teams talents and abilities and see how everone can fit into the plan in order to effectively achieve the goal.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and remember, JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.