Here are not only three ways to personal success but I quarantee them to work.  How self fulfilling would it be to have someone ask you what it is that makes you so successful?  How do you do that?  The answer is to follow these three simple principles.

If you follow these three Kingdom principles in your everyday work life,  I promise you that you will not only be a successful person but you will influence many others in a positive way towards the cross.  There is hardly a  more thrilling occasion than when someone asks you why it is that you are always so upbeat, happy and successful and they want to know the secret.  Here are the three ways (scriptures) I invite you to read and study.

First scripture, Eccl.5:19 “your work is a gift from God”

Second scripture, Eccl.5:20 “your work is to be the joy of your heart” 

Third scripture, Col. 3:23  “whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord”

I speak from experience when I say I have tried this suggestion I am offering you and I promise you it works.  Your attitude is effected positively by this truth and you realize in your mind and heart that you are truely blessed.  God’s love will permeate your entire being as you realize He is actually giving you a gift, straight from His throneroom and for a Divine purpose.  Now if that doesn’t bring you joy, you really need to check your pulse!

“Working as if unto the Lord”,  may take some patience and practice but temper that effort with prayer and I guarantee you that it will get easier and easier.  Your loyalty and commitment to your company and/or superiors will be recognized and many more good things will start coming your way.

So go ahead and give this a try won’t you?  I would love to hear your feedback as you see the transformation in your life to personal success beyond your wildest dreams.  Read, believe and go do it and as you begin to recognize your new found successes, don’t forget to remember where they came from!!!! And to HIM be all the honor and glory,

Blessings…..Rich Forster     KBJ Publisher