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I have two snipits of encouragement for you business owners who are scratching your heads or working on controlling your blood pressure regarding your business.  The end of the year business challenges are enormous and the forethought and confidence to plan intelligently for the next year is at times overwhelming, especially if this hasn’t been a banner year for you.  I know from experience.

Well I don’t believe your alone with these concerns.  Then you may hear the cliche that says “have faith and hang in there, it’s gonna be allright”, and that isn’t the most reassuring encouragement either.  Our human minds are so fragile because our hearts are fragile.  Scripture says where your treasure is there your heart is also.  Let me suggest this about your treasure (your business).

Snipit one.  If it was going to be easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would make a dime.  There is a wonderful opportunity here to invite a qualified mentor or business professional and hopefully brother in Christ, who has a heart for you and what you are doing that can be of some help.  Often the forest is just too thick to see through to the trees and your vision is obscured.  A more experienced person or persons who can help you sort through the weak areas of your business can be invaluable getting you on the right track.  Humble yourself and go find them.

The second snipit is harder to swallow,  but here goes.  If your just in business to chase the dollar, you’ll probably be chasing it the rest of your life.  Success is all too often a result of passion and persistence more than anything.   I can assure you that with these two business principles, you will have a much greater chance for success.  The reason is, your heart is in it.  You see, the heart thing is so critical for every kind of work.  Whether its your business, your family life, your relationship building outside your family, it always comes back to a heart issue.  That was Jesus secret too.

Jesus had a heart and passion for what He did on earth which was to live and die for us.  His influence and teaching of those principles left lasting impressions on all His followers (employees) and thus the legacy for Christianity.  You will probably not have quite that level of  success but that type of effort will go a long way in your marketplace to help spread the gospel, and you won’t even have to use words. 

So here are your two snipits.  Remember if it was easy, everyone would be doing it and you would likely not be very successful.  Second, don’t just chase the money.  Put your heart into your business and stay the course and serve people.  Paul said “I reach for the prize, for the mark of the higher calling in Christ Jesus”.  He never gave up in his quest to be the best God called him to be.  By the way, he was a tent maker in the marketplace.  Remember?

Blessings….Rich Forster  KBJ  Publisher