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Here we go again with the traditional, best opportunity of the year to start afresh and new, leaving failures and wasted efforts behind and planning for a bright and successful future.  So, how’s your New Years plan coming along?  It would be interesting to see the analytics on how many of us have our goals set and on target already versus how many of us have yet to formulate that new plan for the upcoming year.  

I dare not ask for response to this question for fear I may lose some of you because of my meddling.  But if you are one of those who has yet to initiate that plan or perhaps struggling a bit to get to the next few steps, let me offer this suggestion for you to consider to help you along.

What is your heart telling you that is important going forward with your life this  next year?  Take time to examine the priorities that your heart leads you to think about first because that is where your treasure is.  Then, when you’re getting in the starting blocks of this race, listen and feel the pulse of your entire mind, body and spirit and what it is trying to relate to you.

It isn’t so much the number of things you want to accomplish, the amount of money you want to make, the position in your company you desire to attain, the amount of time you want to spend with your mate and family,  but the importance they should be  in your life and future developement.  If you can do this, then you establish your priorities and thus the order of resolutions that you focus upon first to last.

Now why is this so important?  Experience and observation has proven that if we can stay aware and working on one to three of those priority items over the course of the next year, we will be doing really good.  First, the number of items listed can become lost and overwhelming over a period of time.  Second, if we slip and fail a time or two on any number of promises, we get discouraged and tend to just give up anyway.  Alas, we can more easily justify that we “just can’t do this anyway”, and quit all efforts we originally believed in and thought we should and could do.

So here is the “STARTING BLOCK PRINCIPLE”,  to help you solidify your New Years Resolutions.

1. Seek answers from your heart with importance and meaning to your goal setting

2. Establish the priorities in order so you can focus on the most important issues first.

3. Minimize your list to limit confusion and frustration.  You can always add more.

Oh, and last….WRITE THEM DOWN. 

There is something impactful about writing your commitments to yourself that is much more meaningful than just saying them and usually forgetting them along the way.  If you would like a great scriptural reference to support this, read Habakkuk 2:1-3.

Blessings……..Rich Forster   KBJ  Publisher