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The post is dedicated to all the struggling entrepreneurs who are seemingly at a standstill with the pursuit of their dream for one reason or another.  I have a piece of encouragement for you today compliments of the television show “Sharktank“.

If you haven’t seen this particular show yet, let me give you a very short description of its format.  Entrepreneurs needing money to fund their  new business ventures and dreams present to a panel of five men and women representing equity companies, referred to as the sharks, the reasons why they should invest in their new enterprise.  The sharks approach to this process can be as unpredictable as a real shark would be with you in the ocean.  They can seemingly disregard you and your ideas and thus be passive or attack your idea as inadequate or foolish while pounding you with a barrage of questions.

There are two things that I have noticed that are consistent most of the time with the interviews. The entrepreneur needs to be a good salesperson for their own idea.  The second is, the sharks are interested in company control and the bottom line profit to themselves.  What impressed me this episode was seeing the exceptions rise forth to override those entrenched mindsets and manifest the “TRUE SPIRIT OF THE ENTREPRENEUR”.

In these two separate presentations, the typical mind and word games were being played and the consistent  issues of company value and control were being played.  Then in both situations, four of the five sharks declined to invest but one stayed interested.  The game was on.  Suddenly the true spirit of those entrepreneur’s burst forth in the form of intense passion, product knowledge and the persistence to work as hard as it took to succeed.  That passion fire rose up in the entrepreneur’s that nearly took the sharks breath away.  Suddenly the sharks realized that these folks were worthy of respect and consideration.  The reason why?  The true entrepreneur spirit.

True entrepreneur’s have PASSION.  They have KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE at what they are doing.  They are PERSISTENT and willing to WORK AS HARD AS IT TAKES to accomplish their dream.  I truly believe the God has given each of you a Divine Dream and the ability to accomplish that dream.  If you have the ingredients of the TRUE SPIRIT OF AN ENTREPRENEUR, then let no shark or any other obstacle get in your way.  HIS plan for you will work and work very well.  But always remember the GLORY IS FOR GOD.  That is the most important ingredient of all.

P.S.  By the way, both entrepreneurs in the show accomplished their goal and became partners with a shark.

Blessings…….Rich Forster  KBJ Publisher