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I was listening to the Presidents interview today with a television reporter, explaining or perhaps making excuses for his popularity decline over the last 12 months.  Now before we get too far along and you accuse me of partisanship, let me be perfectly clear.  Sound familiar?

I am a registered Republican but have voted Independent over the years as well.  So the comments I am about to make are not directed necessarily at the Democrats and President Obama.  In fact, quite the opposite.  The  point I wish to share  is 100% applicable to all political parties but perhaps to you as well.  I shall let you make that determination.

When questioned what went wrong with the  election in Massachusetts Tuesday for the Democrats, the President responded this way.  “We failed to TELL the people of our core values and why we were doing this or that.”  “We got so busy with all the stuff thrust into our laps at first, we just never had time to catch up and be more clear”.

I may have a few specific words missing but I think I am very close on the jest of his comments.  The President added a few other points related to the issues to help solidify his argument.  Now whether it was Barak Obama, George Bush or any other President and/or politician, they have all missed the very important truth for one very simple reason.  Instead of telling the American people what to believe, why not LISTEN to what the American people believe and say?  After all, as public servants, that is what the job description requires you do.  Be a servant to your people!   The same is true in the Marketplace.

The plain and simple truth once again is that politicians and often we ourselves, do not listen to our customers.  We do not try and find out their needs so we can offer viable, value filled solutions.  We are all too often, too busy with our own agendas to even consider what it is that would solve their problems and fulfill their desires.  We just don’t listen for whatever reasons or excuses you want to claim.

So lesson learned?  From now on, treat your customers, family and constituents like you would want to be treated.  Listen to them and for what their needs are, then go about solving those needs.  That is a Kingdom Principle.  You will become a hero in their eyes and very likely become rather prosperous along the way.  You might even get re-elected.

How to start?  Try a big dose of  PERSONAL HUMILITY first.  When to start?  How about FIRST THING TOMORROW?  Give it a try.  You will learn a great deal more about how to serve your customer and perhaps your fellow countryman if you use your two ears instead of your one mouth.  Simple math.

Blessings…..Rich Forster   KBJ Publisher