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Would you say that Warren Buffett (financial  investor), Michael Jordan (basketball), Payton Manning (football), Rachel Ray (Food Network),David Foster (music composer), Meryl Streep (actress), John Grisham (novelist) are a few of the most successful people of our generation?  That was easy to answer.  What do you attribute their success to?  How do you measure their success?  Now your thinking.

Well, there are contests where they have won the most games and accumulated the most outstanding statistics.   Some have won prestigious awards for accomplishments in writing, film and music.  Some have well know financial assets.  Oh, we could go on with a variety of success definitions and what propelled these few to those ranks but allow me to submit to you a simple formula for success and how you can measure it for yourself.

1.Success begins with using the talents and gifts you were endowed with at conception to the best of your ability; (Mat 25:15-30).

2.Next, like all of those individuals mentioned above constantly do, you must practice to develop those talents physically, mentally and spiritually throughout your life; (Phil. 3:14).

3. Then when you become successful, you need to be aware and give credit where credit is due; (James 1-16-17) and humbly accept the accolades of peers.

4.Finally, share the bounty of your riches with the less fortunate; (Acts 20:35).

This is the formula for “SUCCESS” to R.I.P. within you.

Now here is how you can self measure your success and be assured you are using your life as an Divinely empowered instrument of God especially in the Marketplace.  Consider just ONE particular person around you……..

1.Have you shown Respect and offered encouragement to that person regardless of their accomplishments?

2.Have you Influenced that one person positively by your success?

3.Have you shared your Prosperity with that person?

You will notice I have limited measuring the number of recipients of your success to only one.  It is because that is a good place to start.  Measure your success one person at a time to be sure.  You should not have any limitations as to how many people you influence but I like the initial step for success to be attainable.  You can take it from there.

So my prayer for you is that your SUCCESS  Rest In Peace within you for all the right reasons and for all the promised blessings you are then entitled to.  Wouldn’t it be great if the people around you were influenced to SUCCESS because of your success?

Blessings…….Rich Forster   KBJ  Publisher