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It’s finally here.  Arguably the biggest day in American sports is about to take place Sunday, the NFL Superbowl.  Can you imagine being on a professional football team, playing at the highest level the sport can offer?    And now it has been determined that you are one of the two best teams in the world.

Whether you win or loose the big game, you have the assured distinction of knowing that your efforts to be the best that you could be through your skill, conditioning, training, all those hours of practice and hundreds of played games since you were a kid resulted in this prestigious moment of fame and fortune.  No doubt the winners feeling will be euphoric and unforgettable.

The business world and it’s competition and challenges are not unlike sporting event contests.  For every business industry has it’s Superbowl of accomplishment without exception.  Businesses too face sometimes fierce competition and challenges on the pathway to being the best.  Ironically both scenarios require a similar process and preparation for that day.  Let me point out a few key similarities required to be the best in sports and your business field, then you compare them with your  position or company in the marketplace today.

DESIRE = It all begins in your heart.  You’ve got to want to be successful.

GOAL SETTING = Simply put, if you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there!

DISCIPLINE = Mental and physical control speeds up positive results.

COACH/MENTOR = No replacement for a great teacher.

PRACTICE = Study any of the greatest athletes in the world and practice is a priority.

CELEBRATE = Everything you win or loose knowing that there is something positive to learn with each experience for next time.

I urge you not to limit your career goals with these few practical steps but also include the spiritual, parallel principles that go together to mold your being and purpose for success.

Eph.1:11  He predestined you before creation for His purpose.

Matt.25:14-23 Jesus teaches the parable of the talents in which He tells us that there are expectations for us to do the best we can with our talents and giftings.

Matt.25:24-29 Jesus continues with His admonition that we who are given much, more is expected from us.

Col.3:23-24 Paul reminds us to do all things heartily as to the Lord and that our reward is the inheritance, the SUPERBOWL for eternity.

Now, you talk about euphoria!  Victory in this arena  will be a celebration for eternity and with a great many other believers.

I invite you to consider these practical and spiritual Kingdom Principles as you continue your journey of life.  Realize there will be bumps, bruises and a bloody nose or two along the way.  In fact you may even loose a game or two.  But always remember,  if it were easy……anyone could win the SUPERBOWL.  Be the best you can be always and your seasons of winning will be many.

Blessings………..Rich Forster    KBJ Publisher