Most of the men and women we minister to with KBJ are small business entrepreneurs and employees aspiring to be business owners.  I have observed a situation I think is more prevalent than any of us would like to admit and one that you need to ask yourself before it is a problem for you.  Because if it is a problem in your work or family, you must address it before it gets out of hand and creates a wedge in your relationships.  Once again it falls under the title of communication.  The need for honest, frequent communication is irreplaceable in all relationships but especially in family and work environments.

Here is the question.  Are you and your mate in agreement regarding your career and livelihood?  Are you both on the same page for your current and future plans as you can be today?  Maybe your not in total agreement but compromised towards a mutual end.  In either case, once you have decided your pathway,  your commitment to work together towards those goals in every way possible is critical for your success.

Many wedges can arise making this agreement short lived but the worse one is the blatant misuse of your tongue.  Male and female Christians alike seem ignorant to the scriptures that remind us that the power of the tongue has life and death.  That holding a grudge between each other and talking about it especiallyh to others has the same effect.

God made of each a little bit different.  Why will be a question for you to ask Him when the time is right.  But with many couples or partners in business together the reality is each can have a different attitude and belief about the same thing the partner does.  My wife for instance has struggled over the years living with an entrepreneur and dreamer with a overly positive attitude.  She is a more pragmatic, calculating planner who like things more definitive like the monthly budget!  Imagine that?  She actually wants to know how much money to budget each month for household expenses.  Oh, I’m in trouble now!!!!

My limited attempt to humor this subject in reality is a very sore subject with some of you reading this right now.  You may be like me or my dear wife and know exactly what I’m talking about.  The potential for this miss-communication or lack of can drive a serious negative wedge between you and your mate or business partner that can be devastating.

There is not an abundance of biblical scriptures addressing this specific issue but we can get pretty close.  What you will see is that ultimately communicating, coming to some compromised agreement and honoring and respecting each other is the only way to make these types of situations the best they can be.  I would include most importantly, praying for each other that the light of truth would always prevail in all that you do and say with each other.  After all, it’s the truth that sets you free.  Whether you win or loose, you do it together.  No blame.  No would of, could of, should of.  Take the situations or circumstances on together, work on a solution, then invest yourselves totally to that end and ultimate success.