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I hear friends, relatives, acquaintances all say once in a while.  “Well now what do I do next”?  Whether it has to do with a possible mate, a new job, the next sales call you are going to make, whether to move to another town to work or even how to handle your boss!   This statement can be the results of a positive or negative circumstance in your life but the question is still begs the same, an answer.

I acknowledge for this article that there are numerous ways to determine that next step especially mentors, pastors and coaches, that can help you to make that good decision.  I would also acknowledge that many times that advice is very good and works out quite well for you.  Then again, sometimes it fails miserably.  So is there any guaranteed procedure that one can expect to be consistently accurate in this process?  Is there an author or teacher who has this system down pat and is willing to share the secret?  I will leave that speculation to each of you!

I personally am a firm believer in getting advice from qualified, proven counselors, specialists in their field if you will.  When one has accurate, meaningful facts to help make decisions, the results have a much better chance of being successful than otherwise.  However I want to put a plug in for the Bible this day.  In fact I want to share one of those really good secrets that works when it comes to helping make those good decisions I have been referring to.  It is called the “Chronological Bible”.  The Bibles are written in many of the different translations to help you better understand the intended point but explained in language you comprehend easier.  The reason I like it so and suggest it to you is that it is written like a story with all the related scriptures about that story or scripture purpose in one area so that you get a more complete picture of the meaning and purpose of the writing.

For instance in the Gospels, if each of the four writers has written about the same story in their respective gospels, they are all brought together into the one chapter where you can see the similarities of the subject and see a more complete picture of the intended teaching and often get Divine revelation while meditating on the different descriptions the author uses to convey the message.  Well enough selling the book….. I’m not really selling the book.

My title “What to do next” however has to do with getting into the habit of reading your Chronological Bible each day because the discipline and time it takes are minimal and before you know it you have read the whole bible from Genesis through Revelation.  After you do this for a couple of years, you begin to recognize stories you have read in the past but suddenly, a new revelation comes alive from that same scripture you didn’t think of before.

Now more specifically to my point of the title.  I can honestly tell you that after having repeated this annual reading many times now, I have found that when I am stumped by a challenging situation that needs a Godly answer for any of a thousand reasons, my mind quickly reminds me of a story I read in the Chronological Bible and I begin to see myself in that similar and particular situation wondering what to do next.  Then my memory begins to unwind what happened in the Bible story or scripture and I begin to see a more clear resolve to my situation based on biblical principles.\

Sometimes it is a simple solution like just keeping my mouth shut like Jesus did when being tried before the Jews and Pilate and trust Him for the outcome.  Other times like when Elisha was mentoring his student in 2Kings 6:15-17, in the midst of a very scary situation for the servant, Elisha prayed and asked God to open the eyes of his servant to see in the spirit the plans and purpose of the enemy so that he could counter act accordingly and defeat them.  To learn the value  of repetition of those actions in similar situations that we are in, I believe was the very purpose for why they were written.  to help us know “WHAT TO DO NEXT”.

Well, you need to try this suggestion and go invest in a  Chronological Bible at your local Christian book store.  I promise you that you will be blessed and the Truth will set you free.  You have the mind of Christ Paul said 1Cor.2:16, and you believe the bible is the inspired word of God, 2Tim.3:16 and then when you apply 1Cor.2:9-14, which tells you that these things you are searching for, God will reveal to you freely through His Holy Spirit, you are on the way to getting your answers and making Godly decisions.

So, now you have a practical tool to discover the answer to the question “WHAT TO DO NEXT”, a Chronological Bible, and the spiritual tools necessary to understand the deeper things contained in the Word for you, the scriptures mentioned above.  Problems solved!  Ok, maybe not all of them but try taking one at a time and see if this doesn’t help you, then make it a habit.  Feel free to let me know how you do in the comments after the article.

Blessings…….Rich Forster  KBJ  Publisher