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I participated in a tele-seminar the other day from Kristie T on Branding, so I thought I would share this article from our archives from September of 2010 from founder Rich Forster. Good information.

Howard Schultz, part owner and the driving business strategists and CEO  of Starbucks Coffee,  has one of the best “company branding” definitions I have heard.  He says, “a brand is a set of shared values that make an emotional connection with people outside the coffee or product”.  I believe his theory was inspired by the three original owners of the company, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Baldwin who developed their coffee and tea company around a very simple but effective philosophy.  They were all three focused on the knowledge of their coffee product.  With that empowerment, they managed their little business by simply maximizing the quality to be better than all their competition.

When Schultz bought the company in 1987, he applied the vision and marketing genius that resulted in the Starbucks as we know it today.  And to this day, Schultz is maniacal about satisfying customer needs with high quality products and unquestionable customer satisfaction.  That my friends also takes a great deal of humility and commitment to integrity in every aspect of the business.

Meeting customer needs and desires will drive your business growth and eventual success but only if structured with integrity.  With a servants attitude of giving your best always,  your product or service branding will last the test of time and hardship and stabilize your business for many years to come.  But always remember your actions speak louder than your words and doing what you say you are going to do means more today than ever before when needing customer loyalty.

I am a Starbucks coffee lover and admirer of  the business structure and strategies because I see many Kingdom Principles at work in this company.  But using the Kingdom  principles of knowledge, commitment to quality, top quality product offerings to meet the needs of the public will not fail you.

Was it easy to accomplish this success?  I doubt it.  It took many hours of hard teamwork and a few sleepless nights I am sure.  But if it was easy to do, anyone could have done it.  You may not have the aspirations to build a Starbucks Company or maybe you do!  But I encourage you to take some time and sip a good cup of Starbucks coffee to think about  building whatever size business your dreams allow you with these dependable Kingdom Principles.  Then you too can Brand your business for success with shared values that are meaningful just as Howard Schultz did.

Blessings………Rich Forster    KBJ  Publisher